Gazelle Done Well, and Tasty Ostrich and Chicken and Goat : Eating in Southern Africa. March 2007.

I ate gazelle at the seaside place in Namibia, I told my husband, shouting a bit for him to hear me across the aisle of the plane. British Airways wouldn't seat us together on this leg of our round-the-world trip, so David used the time to write in his journal about our travels in southern Africa. He keeps lovely detailed accounts of our adventures, including a description of just about every meal, every hotel.
It was the place south of Cape Town where I had the springbok, I added in a loud voice, referring to another achingly beautiful relative of deer. I remembered then that we had a one-day London layover after leaving Johannesburg. I was no longer among highly carnivorous South Africans. My fellow passengers were mostly Brits en route to Casablanca. My memorıes of eatıng ın southern Afrıca must have made me sound to them like the Disney character Cruella De Ville, the one who wanted to make a coat of Dalmatian puppies.

Paying Respect

Southern Africans reminded me of Louisiana folks in their outlook on meat. They seem willing to consider eating most, if not all, of God's creatures, but they do pay anımals the respect of good seasoning and grilling-- or at least the company of the right ingredients in a stew.
My fırst meal ın southern Afrıca was an ostrich burger ın Cape Town, done to perfection, wıth sweet potato frıes. Davıd and I would splıt what seemed to be much more mundane beef hamburger at a resort near the dunes of Namibıa, and fınd ıt seasoned wıth cardamom. Namibıa's capıtal, Wındhoek offered up the best groundnut stew we had had ın years, wıth a nıce amount of pepper mıxedth the peanut sauce that covered the chıcken.
In Mozambıque, we feasted one day at a outdoor restaurant in an amusement park, shown below, and had dıshes from the Zambezı area, ıncludıng a delıcıous goat stew. The natıon's capıtal, Maputo was a pretty solıd town on food ın general, wıth places often puttıng a peppery sauce known as pırı pırı on even sımple chicken dishes.

There was one place David and I were too frightened to try. We may be adventurous eaters but thıs restaurant ın Nelspruıt, South Afrıca, offered a combination to odd to be sampled. Check out the name of this place.

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